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One Africa, One Voice

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The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) was established as an organ of the African Union by the Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community Relating to the Pan African Parliament to provide a common platform for the full participation of the African peoples, the diaspora and the grassroots organizations in discussions and decision-making on issues and challenges facing the continent. 

In seeking to achieve its objectives, the Pan African Parliament intends to strengthen its capacity to deliver by, among others, filling of the various vacant positions within the institution.

The Pan African Parliament is therefore inviting applications from citizens of the African Union member states with relevant professional skills, competences and track record of capacity to render excellent services in an international organizational setting. 

Clerk of Parliament (D1)  English     French
Head, Plenary/Hansard, Translation & Interpretation (P5) English  French
Head, Administration & Human Resources (P5) English     French
Interpreter/Translator - French English (P4) English     French
Interpreter/Translator - English Portuguese (P4) English     French
Interpreter/Translator - English Arabic (P4) English     French
Senior Assistant Clerk (P3) English     French
Senior Committee Clerk (P3)
Senior Library & Documentation Officer (P3) English     French
Senior Communication and Media Officer (P3) English     French
Senior Human Resources Officer (P3) English     French
Senior Procurement, Travel & Stores Officer (P3) English     French
Editor of Debates (P3) English     French
Sub Editor (P2)  2 English     French
Resource Mobilization Officer (P2) English     French
Assistant Clerk (P1)
Protocol Officer (P1) English     French
Research Officer (P1)
Media Officer (P1) English     French
Internal Auditor (P1) English     French
Human Resource Assistant (GSA5) English     French
IT Assistant (GSA5) English     French
Store Keeper (GSA5) English     French
Accounts Assistant (GSA5) English     French
Registry Clerk (GSA3) English     French
Printing and Reproduction Assistant (GSA3) English     French

Closing date for all submissions is the 5th of February 2015. Applications recieved later than that will not be considered.

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